With whole being of mine     with all my forces     gathered close

About my timid     upward-beating heart     I want to tell you

So you know     what it means     to love

Conceived     a vapor     an imprint of warm palm on frosty window

A soothing breeze     a storm in summer     when dark but safe

When rain goes crazy     a brown leaf tossed by the wind     a lavender sensation

On my cheek     a bee wax     on my lip

A glide     a flight     a coarse cat’s tongue that lingers on the skin

It is a high inducement to ripen up     to become more     a world

To become world     for you     for my sake

It is a great exacting claim     a train ride to vast things     calling

And that I take     keeping my eyes closed     and then reopened

When I am with you     that what it means     to love