If you look at numerous minerals
With their adamantine luster,
There is always a dark inclusion of another mineral.
Their faces are far from perfection:
Striated or with broken orthorhombic symmetry,
Tabular polymorphs or dipyramidal –
It’s difficult to be a crystallographer –
Anatase, rutile, niobium…

My titanium structure of world
Used to be very reliable.
I’ve been thinking Psuedohexagonal and Metamorphic
But still infallible;
May be a tiny degree of doubt
Was throbbing in veins of hydrothermal.

Till I became thirty and started to delve
Into sediments and natural concentrations
Of courses and of events
And found out the diamond placer was not any more in my garden
And may not be even in Chili, nor in Brazil or on Mars.
It only can be in my inner locality
On a crevice walls of my heart.